Reclaim in Batch Booth


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Q. Is equipment available for collecting and re-using powder from spray-to-waste, open-end-booth applications? It seems if you want to reclaim oversprayed powder you have to have an in-line system. A.J.

A. I assume you are referring to a walk-in type booth in a batch operation. These booths are not typically used for reclaim of powder because they do not provide a clean, isolated method of containing the overspray. The space is pretty large, powder collects on the walls and floor, and the operator walks in the material on the floor. If parts are rolled in on carts, the carts also are pulled through the powder on the floor. Therefore, powder is ground down and contaminated, so it is not of great quality for reclaim.

You could arrange a module or a cyclone reclaim system with an open-end booth and reclaim the powder, if the powder quality is not as critical as it is in most operations. Use a stainless steel floor to avoid concrete dust mixing in with the powder. You will need multiple modules (one for each reclaim color) or a cyclone separator. Color change time will be a lot longer because you have to completely clean the booth interior walls and floor. This could possibly be done, but it may not be practical or desirable. 


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