Room to Grow

Why do people anticipate and relish springtime?

Why do people anticipate and relish springtime? It signals change, newness and growth. Although it is only January, this is what is going on at Products Finishing.

Gardner Publications is a growing company. Last year it hired many new people; however, there were no places for them to work. Larger offices had a second desk added. Storage areas were cleaned out to make room. Every space larger than four by six feet was filled.

Because of this, the owners built a bigger building; one that could house all the employees and provide enough parking places. This month we move into our new building at 6915 Valley Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45244-3029.

Growth can be seen not only at Gardner Publications, but in the finishing industry as well. Large and small finishing companies expect growth and prosperity this year. Some plan to purchase more equipment and others plan to add to or enlarge their facilities.

Guardian Automotive Trim, Evansville, Indiana, is building a new 350,000 sq ft plant in Kentucky that will include a painting area. Superior Plating, Minneapolis, Minnesota, is expanding its facility and purchasing automated equipment.

The entire country is optimistic about the future. In a New York Times/CBS News poll, 72 pct of the people believe that the condition of the economy is good.

Even though downsizing continues, large-scale hiring is going on, according to an article in Business Week. Boeing is hiring 13,000 workers. Bristol-Meyers Squibb will increase its sales force by 1,200. Unemployment is about five pct. "That's actually zero unemployment," commented Don Kifer, president of Smith Electrochem in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Because of this "unemployment," finishers are having problems finding employees. It is not the wages; they are quite competitive. It is a combination of attitude, talent and training. Many prospective employees are not willing to nurture their abilities, accept new responsibilities or learn new skills. Unfortunately this may keep the workers in the "Autumn" of their lives, and finishing companies out in the cold.