Sizing an Oven

Question: What size burner do I need to heat a 3,000 ft3 oven?

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What size burner do I need to heat a 3,000 ft3 oven? P.T.


The burner for a particular oven is sized using several design criteria. These criteria are oven volume (ft3), oven surface area for heat loss (ft2) and oven load (lb/hr and product material). You only gave me the oven volume. Of all the criteria, this is normally the least important. For instance you can have a relatively small oven heating a large amount of oven load (parts and conveyor tooling), meaning it has a short cure time and a high line speed. In this case, the most important criteria to size a burner is the oven load. I forgot to mention that the temperature differences (for example, from 70-375F) along with the oven load are combined to size the burner. Buy an oven from a reputable supplier instead of modifying or building a homemade one. Then you don’t have to worry about the size of the burner, since they would have designed that for you.

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