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Question: We are customers dealing with a company that refinishes metal.

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We are customers dealing with a company that refinishes metal. We called them with a problem and they refered us to “PFOnline." We have an aluminum drip pan that we use in an old Black and Decker Toaster Oven that is becoming worn out. We considered buying a new toaster oven, but they are all very small now. Ours is a much larger area in which we can toast, bake, broil, etc. Although we can order a new pan for the toaster oven from the distributor of Black and Decker items, for health reasons, we would like to purchase a non-aluminum pan. Our problem is that there is absolutely no pan that will fit our toaster oven that even slightly approximates its size. We came up with the idea of the possibility of having our pan coated in Teflon. Can you tell us if this can be done and where? S. K.


It is not often that I get a chance to answer a question from a consumer. Maybe this will open a completely new market for my consulting services, but I doubt it.

The simple answer to your question is yes, you can get your drip pan coated with Teflon. There are licensed Teflon applicators all over the USA. The manufacturer of Teflon is Dupont Corporation, and its web site ( lists the licenced applicators in your area.

The bad news is these applicators are normally set-up to handle production quantities for OEM suppliers of products. If you show up with one drip pan, the cost for the coating may be equivalent to the cost of six new toaster ovens. I recommend you buy the replacement pan from Black & Decker for your oven and not worry about any health issues from aluminum. Aluminum is used in the finest cooking pans available on the market, and I never heard of any problems before. Of course, cooking and cookware, and its potential health problems, is completely outside my area of expertise.


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