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liquid coating, spray coating, coating line, surface finishing

Coating line for plastic components with modular design, individually adapted. Here with loading and unloading station, CO2 cleaning, high-performance dedusting/ionization, gas flaming, spray-coating, evaporation zone, IR drying, UV curing; circulating air drying.   Photo | Venjakob

Venjakob Maschinenbau GmbH Co. (Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Germany) recently released a case study for a modular coating line concept for plastic components that allows the individual machines to be equipped according to requirements, which can be upgraded with additional functions at any time.

The overall system concept is presented as an example of what modern coating lines can achieve. Plastic parts are painted and dried using wet paint systems. The individual machines — from pre-treatment to painting and drying — were equipped with optimized individual equipment and assembled to form a complete finishing line. Traditional 1-component and 2-component solvent and water-based lacquers and UV lacquers can be used.

The complete system can be configured with the following modules:

  • Cleaning modules: CO2-cleaning, high-performance dedusting/ionization
  • Activation modules: flame, plasma, UV
  • Coating: Spray booth
  • Drying: flash off zone, infrared dryer, UV curing system, circulating air dryer, cooling zone
  • Fresh air supply: supply air system, full air conditioning
  • Exhaust air purification: exhaust air purification systems RTO, TI


The planning of the production line was focused on high variability in the use of the machines used. Particular focus was given to the spray coating process and the advantages of the modular design are evident in the spray coating machine. Color changes, can be carried out simultaneously to production with minimal transport downtime.

The systems central control panel enables a flexible interaction of all individual components. Each product receives its own recipe. Each color can be prepared parallel to the running production and quickly activated.

The system allows for the collection of data about the processes, the productivity of the system, and wear and tear, enabling consistent production quality, logistical planning and plant maintenance.