Wire Coat Hangers

How do I apply flocking material?


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Q. We produce millions of wire coat hangers that are painted or varnished and then baked. We also receive requests from several customers to equip them with cardboard covers on the bottom bar or strut to keep trousers from falling off. I believe a coating of flocking material on the bottom bar will do the same job at a reduced cost. I’d like to try this but don’t know of a cost-feasible means of applying the flocking material. D.C.

A. To apply flocking materials to the wire hangers you must use adhesives, available in single-package and 2-part systems based on many different resins. I am not sure the use of an electrostatic applicator is necessary in the case of wire hangers. Electrostatic applicators are needed when it is necessary to align the needle shaped flock particles perpendicular to the surface to get a velvet-like texture on a surface. In your case, random flock application by gravity or spraying to an adhesive coated bottom bar will keep trousers from falling off.

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