Carlisle Fluid Technologies Acquires Ecco Finishing



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Carlisle Fluid Technologies (CFT) has acquired Ecco Finishing, a privately held manufacturer of low- and high-pressure painting equipment and sealing applicators based in Sweden.

Ecco’s products are used in a variety of application settings, primarily in the automotive, ceramics, leather, wood and plastics industries.

CFT is a division of Carlisle Companies, and offers spray finishing, powder coating, fluid handling, curing and integrated control packages to the finishing industry.

“Ecco has built a solid reputation supplying customers with reliable and durable finishing products,” says Shelley Bausch, president of CFT. “Its innovative 3D sealant gun is a great addition to our growing portfolio of sealants and adhesives application equipment.”

Ecco offers distinct technological capabilities in the sealants and adhesives space, with their Ecco-415, Ecco-475 and Ecco-480 3D sealant applicators for seam sealing, underbody sealing/spraying and liquid-applied, sound-deadening applications.

“The acquisition of Ecco is another important step forward in the development of our sealants and adhesives offering platform,” says James Stephenson, vice president of global business development at CFT. “We are looking forward to driving synergies with our recent acquisitions of Integrated Dispense Solutions and Shinhang into a robust solution set for our customers.”

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