Giffin Wins 2017 Automotive News Pace Award



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Giffin was named a 2017 Automotive News PACE Award winner at an awards ceremony in Detroit. The prestigious award recognizes automotive suppliers for superior innovation, technological advancement and business performance.

Giffin was recognized for its Elite scrubbing technology. The scrubber is a twin chambered under floor mounted mechanism that removes paint particulate from the air stream via cyclonic action conveyed during booth painting operations. The company says that, being a wet scrubber, it has the ability to serve in any scenario required of a paint booth system. The features of the scrubber are having the lowest pressure demand and water usage of any other wet scrubber on the market, and that it is virtually maintenance free. All of the work is done within the scrubber vortex, and therefore requires no extraneous baffles, eliminators, or filters to achieve flawless performance.

“With the strategic vision to position our company as a green solutions supplier, we invested in the development of the Elite scrubbing technology, offering significant energy and maintenance savings, while vastly reducing particulate emissions from paint shops,” says Giffin President-CEO Donald J.P. Giffin.

The 23rd annual PACE (Premier Automotive Suppliers’ Contribution to Excellence) Awards were presented by Automotive News, EY and the Original Equipment Suppliers Association (OESA). The competition was open to suppliers who contribute products, processes, materials or services directly to the manufacture of cars or trucks. The Automotive News PACE Award is accepted around the world as the industry benchmark for innovation.

Giffin Inc. is a full service, turn-key supplier of integrated paint finishing systems. Giffin world headquarters is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan, with operations in Toronto and Mexico as well. Originally founded in 1949, Giffin has grown into a multi-national company, with over 1,000 employees worldwide. Visit giffininc.com

See the video about Giffin below: