Reliant Aluminum Products Promotes Industry Use of Aluminum

Company produces several videos that promote the use of aluminum in the manufacturing process, as well as an advocacy video for several aluminum trade groups.


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Reliant Aluminum Products, exclusive provider of Clariant products here in the U.S., has produced several videos that promote the use of aluminum in the manufacturing process, as well as an advocacy video for several aluminum trade groups.


Reliant president Jack Humble hosts a video that promotes the Aluminum Association, the  Aluminum Anodizers Council and the Aluminum Extruders Council.


"Reliant is committed to a sustainable future for the aluminum business. That's why we've teamed up with other industry advocates," says Humble. "Together we're demonstrating all the benefits anodized aluminum has to offer."




The Aluminum Association works globally to aggressively promote aluminum as the most sustainable and recyclable automotive, packaging and construction material in today's market.


The Aluminum Anodizers Council supports its members – and users of anodized aluminum – through education, advocacy and promotion.


The Aluminum Extruders Council is an international trade association dedicated to advancing the effective use of aluminum extrusion in North America.


In another video hosted by Humble and produced by Reliant Aluminum Products and Clariant, the virtues of aluminum's use in everyday products is extolled in a short film that shows products used in homes and by business people.




Formed in April 2008, Reliant Aluminum Products, LLC is the exclusive North American supplier of Clariant colorants and additives for aluminum anodizing and finishing.


Clariant has produced quality chemicals for over 100 years and has more than 60 years experience manufacturing products specifically developed for aluminum.


Reliant's headquarters, technical laboratory and customer service department are based in High Point, North Carolina. The fully-equipped technical service lab offers a wide spectrum of process and analytical testing capabilities, as well as product development and application improvement. The company operates a network of strategically placed distribution centers throughout the U.S. to ensure dependable inventory and timely delivery of orders in a variety of packaging options.



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