Matt Kirchner: God Created the Finisher, Too

Columnist Matt Kirchner writes about a recent Super Bowl commercial of Paul Harvey’s adage that on the eighth day, God created the farmer. But the ninth day was productive as well.


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By far, my favorite Super Bowl commercial this year was the one featuring the late Paul Harvey and his rendition of “So God Made a Farmer.” Photographs of sturdy farm buildings, farmers, children, livestock, tractors and weathered hands stream by as Harvey, in his unmistakable intonation, explains how on the eighth day God created the farmer. It made my hair stand up.

I descend from a long line of farmers. My maternal and paternal grandparents farmed, and many of my aunts, uncles and cousins chose farming as their vocation. I know first-hand that few, if any, work harder.

And I am a Paul Harvey fan. I have vivid memories of my father tuning into Paul Harvey’s News & Comment program virtually every day at noon and then The Rest of the Story later in the day. Harvey’s folksy nature and gift for spinning a tale are legendary.

So if Paul Harvey says that on the eighth day God created the Farmer, I accept that.

But assuming He did, it wasn’t long after that …

God created the Finisher.

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