System Design Webinar Series: Design a Better Finishing System Part 2

September 08

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This 3-part webinar series, presented by the Chemical Coaters Association International and Products Finishing, will provide an overview of critical system design considerations that must be taken into account when considering any type of finishing system. In addition, critical information regarding pretreatment, dry-off and curing will also be presented, as well as batch and automated systems. Presenters with expertise in finishing system design will share their knowledge and answer your questions. This is an important webinar if you are considering the installation of a new finishing system or upgrading an existing system. Whether you are painting or powder coating, you’ll walk away with valuable insight and tips for the best system to meet your needs.


The second part of this webinar series, focusing on pretreatment, will be moderated by Sam Woehler (George Koch Sons LLC) with presenter Ken Kaluzny (General Industrial, Coral Chemicals).


PART 2: September 8 at 2 p.m. - Pretreatment


Ken Kaluzny

Ken received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Chemistry from Knox College in 1982. He has held many positions since 1982 with Coral Chemical Company and is currently the Technical Director.  He is a member of the Chemical Coaters Association International, Electrocoat Association, Powder Coating Institute and Porcelain Enamel Institute.  Although he has helped numerous metal finishers resolve issues and improve their quality and bottom line his greatest accomplishment is raising his four daughters.  




PART 3: November 3 at 2 p.m. - Drying and Curing

Moderator:      Brian Rozdilsky, Engineered Finishing Systems

Speakers:        Brian Rozdilsky, Sales Engineer, Engineered Finishing Systems         

                       John Podach, Sales Engineer, Fostoria Process Equipment, a div. of TPI

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