EPSI Recognizes Management New and Old

Appears in Print as: 'EPSI Celebrates Managers New and Old'

EPSI Inc. is recognizing its recent hire, new Engineering Manager Jim Ollmann, and the 12-year work anniversary of EPSI Europe Business Manager Christian Bierwagen.


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Jim Ollmann, EPSI Engineering Manager
Photo Credit: EPSI Inc.

Engineering Products & Services Inc. (Franksville, WI) recently appointed Jim Ollmann as its engineering manager. Jim will direct product development for EPSI’s custom masking and hanging solutions, while also coordinating EPSI’s company divisions to provide enhanced service to surface finishing manufacturers.

Christian Bierwagen, EPSI Europe Business Manager
Photo Credit: EPSI Europe GmbH

EPSI is also recognizing Christian Bierwagen’s 12-year anniversary as business manager for EPSI Europe GmbH (Hasbergen, Germany).