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Hubbard-Hall to Distribute SAFECHEM High-Performance Solvents

Hubbard-Hall has forged a strategic alliance with SAFECHEM to distribute modified alcohol solvents for precision cleaning of industrial components. 


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Hubbard-Hall (Waterbury , Conn.) and SAFECHEM (Duesseldorf, Germany) have forged a strategic distribution alliance to supply U.S. customers with SAFECHEM’s DOWCLENE 16-Series of modified alcohol solvents, test kits and stabilizers, through Hubbard-Hall channels. The high-performance solvents  are suitable for cleaning heat exchangers, medical applications, industrial components and aerospace applications.

“In an effort to provide the best option for the wide spectrum of cleaning requirements of our customers, Hubbard-Hall is honored and excited by the addition of the DOWCLENE 16-Series of modified alcohol solvents and stabilizers provided by SAFECHEM,” says Jeff Davis, senior vice president of business development and distribution for Hubbard-Hall.

“With the U.S. accounting for a large share of the global industrial cleaning market, we have been planning a strategic move into this geography for a long time,” adds Manfred Holzleg, general manager of SAFECHEM. “We welcome Hubbard-Hall as new members of our global distributor network, and we look forward to working closely together to help U.S. manufacturers benefit from the versatility of modified alcohols in their industrial cleaning process.” 


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