ALIT Technology's Fastrip T5 Optimizes Metal Paint Stripping

Appears in Print as: 'New Paint Stripping Bath Enhances Process Safety'

ALIT Technologies’ Fastrip 5 features technologies and optional accessories that make it a safe and efficient paint stripping bath for metal parts.


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A photo of ALIT Technologies' Fastrip T5 paint stripping bath
Photo Credit: ALIT Technologies

ALIT Technologies (San Bonifacio, Italy) says its Fastrip T5 bath efficiently removes paint from ferrous metal and light alloy hooks, frames or pieces without compromising their surfaces.

The Fastrip T5 system is available in three versions, which combine a chemical and mechanical action for optimal stripping: one version uses ultrasound technology, another uses a mechanical mixer and the last uses a series of tanks in parallel with gantry-type handling.

Sturdiness and Safety

The Fastrip T5 system uses AISI 304 steel to ensure sturdiness, and uses an external hermetic tank as a safety basin for liquids. In addition, the system is insulated on all sides, features an interlocked cover and has fume extraction capability.

The machine comes with a separate electric panel featuring a touchscreen, which allows users to easily self-program process parameters. It is also equipped with a heating system and thermoregulator that enables it to adjust and reach temperatures up to 80°C — a higher-temperature version compatible with temperatures up to 150°C is also available.

Customizable Options

ALIT’s design uses a new discharging method and facilitates transportation via forklift. The company says that these features, combined with the machine’s process versatility and optional parts like customizable workpiece holders and a fume extraction system, make the Fastrip T5 a safe, effective and quick paint stripping solution.

Improved Waste Management

The Fastrip T5 features ALIT Technologies’ Metalstrip Up&Down stripping range, which provides a formulation free of halogenated hydrocarbons, phenols, chromates, ammonia, amines and organic or inorganic acids. The machine also improves management of coating residues, making their separation more effective and extending bath life.

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