Axalta Adds Tufcote Epoxy Primer to Industrial Coatings Line

Tufcote 3.0 has quick, 30-minute recoat window for wet-on-wet topcoat applications.


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Axalta has expanded its Tufcote line of liquid industrial coatings to include Tufcote 3.0 PR epoxy primer. It was developed as a mainstream, high-performance, competitively priced epoxy primer for the agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment (ACE) sector and general industrial markets.

Axalta created the primer for ACE and general industrial customers who want a good balance of physical properties and performance. The line was designed to deliver strength and value, with attributes that include resistance to chipping, abrasion, weather and corrosion, as well as provide excellent hide and coverage.

Tufcote 3.0 offers a quick recoat window of 30 minutes for manufacturers seeking wet-on-wet topcoat application. It is available in gray and white with two temperature-related activators and can be used in plural component equipment with no induction time.

“It’s designed for a manufacturing atmosphere for customers using pre-treated steel, where most want wet-on-wet capability,” says Eric Kwasnicka, Axalta product manager. “It’s good for agricultural and construction markets, but also works well for metal finishing in a production environment.”

The ability to recoat is the biggest benefit. “It has a good balance of physical properties and performance. It’s productive and performs well at a competitive cost,” Kwasnicka says. “It’s a great value for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.”

It is a medium-build product with wet film build per pass of 5-6 mils and ready to spray with a volatile organic compound (VOC) of 3.0 lbs. per gallon.

According to Axalta, testing has shown the product to deliver consistent, high-quality results with enhanced performance to prevent corrosion, increase productivity and enable the materials users coat to last longer.

Axalta’s Tufcote line of liquid coatings is designed to meet rigorous standards for performance, corrosion protection, gloss and color retention.