Col-Met AutoSeal Door Saves Energy

Batch oven roll-up door also designed for safety, maintenance and space savings.


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Col-Met Engineered Finishing Solutions’ AutoSeal batch oven roll-up door has airtight sealing technology designed to provide energy efficiency, improved safety, less maintenance and space-savings for batch cure ovens with operational temperatures up to 500°F.

According to the company, operating efficiencies are improved by the number of batches that can be processed per day. It is also said to improve worker safety as the door exterior remains cool to the touch, eliminating the need for personal safety equipment such as gloves to open or close doors. In addition, workers are not exposed to hot air while opening oven doors. The door’s design also offers a reduced oven footprint. Other benefits are said to include a variable door height opening allowing for the retention of more heat and elimination of oven door warpage issues.


AutoSeal batch oven roll- up door
AutoSeal batch oven roll-up door