Brown and Caldwell Names Director of Client Services

Samir Davé has joined Brown and Caldwell as a senior director of client services for industrial water services in the energy and chemicals sector.


Veolia Water Technologies Helps Optimize Resources

Group designs and provides water, waste and energy management solutions that contribute to industry sustainability.


Using Alternatives in Pretreatment Baths for Degreasing

Effective cleaning at low, even ambient temperatures, is possible, says Atotech’s Brandon Lloyd, and creates a safer work environment and reduces energy demands.

Liquid Coating

Col-Met AutoSeal Door Saves Energy

Batch oven roll-up door also designed for safety, maintenance and space savings.

Idvac's Polymer Nanolayer Protects Metallized Copper

Vaccum-deposited nanolayer is designed for variety of uses in security, decorative, packaging, agriculture and solar markets.

Liquid Coating

Col-Met Makes LED Lighting Standard in Spray Booths

The LEDs are available for both liquid and powder booths, offering more energy efficiency and providing more vibrant, truer color.

Mechanical Finishing

Sweco Finishing Mills Provide 3D Motion

Vibro-energy finishing mills have compressive scrubbing action that cleans, deburrs, rounds sharp corners and smooths out surface impressions. 

Mechanical Finishing

Beko Technologies' Drypoint X Series Designed for Energy Savings

Dryers use energy-efficient components in combination with in-house controller programming to offer energy savings.

Powder Coating

DuBois' DuraLink Minimizes Pretreatment Floor Space

Product line designed to help eliminate phosphates and reduce energy costs while improving coating system performance.

IntelliFinishing Coating Systems Offer Flexibility, Smaller Footprint

Systems include friction-driven conveyors, energy-efficient washers and ovens, easy-to-use smart controls, liquid and powder booths, platforms and more.


Hendor D13 Vertical Pump Reduces Energy Consumption

Hender-PE’s line of pumps and filtration systems includes the D13 series of sealless, bearingless vertical pumps.


Firearms and Flatware Feed Silvex’s Growing Electroplating Operation

It’s obvious that Silvex specializes in silver, but its processes also reach into the defense, aerospace, power generation and medical industries.

Liquid Coating

PPG to Acquire Global Coatings Manufacturer Whitford Worldwide

Whitford specializes in manufacturing low-friction, wear-resistant coatings for industrial applications in automotive, aerospace, energy and construction products.


Automated Electroplating Systems

Simultaneous engineering reduces energy and resource consumption.

Liquid Coating

High-Solid Acrylic Resin Dries Faster at Lower Temps

Royal DSM’s Hybrane CY235 is a high-solid acrylic resin designed to enhance the performance of metal coatings while providing higher throughput and reduced energy consumption.

Parts Cleaning

Eductors Enable Smaller Pumps to Circulate Large Volumes

Bex says its eductors take advantage of the surrounding liquid to create a high-velocity flow yield at the diffuser, circulating as much as five times the pump output with a discharge plume broader than the jet from a solid stream nozzle of equivalent energy.

Powder Coating

Finishing Systems Offer Energy-, Cost-Savings Features

General Fabrications Corp.’s finishing systems feature variable frequency drives for washer pumps coupled with pressure transducers for the changing of spray pressure.


Asterion Adds Technical Sales Engineer for Ohio, Kentucky

Heather Lemieux has a diverse background in technology and customer service, including five years of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Liquid Coating

Navy Developing Coating to Reduce Ship Fuel, Energy Costs

It can repel water, oil, alcohol and even peanut butter, and it might save the U.S. Navy millions of dollars in ship fuel costs, reduce the amount of energy that vessels consume and improve operational efficiency.

Liquid Coating

Innovative Applications of Electroplating and PVD for New Material Solutions - The 54th William Blum Lecture

The following is Dr. Per Møller’s William Blum Memorial Lecture at SUR/FIN 2018, in Cleveland, Ohio on June 4, 2018, with commentary by NASF Technical Editor James H. Lindsay.  It covers a variety of projects involved with surface finishing applications, including sustainable energy.  Due to Dr. Møller’s serious illness, he was unable to make the journey to SUR/FIN.  In his stead, his longtime professional colleague, Dr. Lars Pleth Nielsen, of the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), presented the lecture. 


A Brite Adds Green Power Products' Switch Mode DC and Pulse Rectifiers

The product line can be used in both the surface finishing and waste-treatment sectors, and are designed not only to save energy, but also to be compact, rugged and corrosion-proof.


New Thermal Coatings for Spacecraft, Satellites Use Metamaterials

Metamaterial optical solar reflectors (meta-OSRs) are the first surface coatings on the outside of a spacecraft, designed to effectively radiate infrared heat away from it while reflecting most of the optical solar spectrum.


Ventilation System Designed for Energy Savings, Worker Protection

KCH Engineered Systems will display its Smart Tank Cover system at Sur/Fin 2018, designed for energy savings and increased worker protection against airborne fugitive emissions.

Software Supports Continuous Process Improvement

Integrated Technologies’ Plato’s Process Planner is a process modeling and planning software that calculates energy, water, waste streams, chemical usage, air emissions and costs by tank, process, line and overall wet-process facility.

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