Cromwell's Safecote CLV Guards Against Bolt Hole Corrosion

Appears in Print as: 'Fast-Acting Coating Enhances Corrosion Resistance'

Daubert Cromwell’s new Safecote CLV provides a fast-acting, no-hassle anti-corrosion coating with exceptional durability.


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corrosion protection
Photo Credit: Daubert Cromwell

Daubert Cromwell (Alsip, Ill.) recently announced its Safecote CLV coating performed well in internal testing for corrosion protection on threaded bolt holes. The company says their tests showed Safecote CLV to be more effective at protecting threads on outdoor equipment than tape, caps, plugs and other coatings, and that Safecote CLV proved resilient against humidity and salt spray.

Safecote CLV is both water-based and low in volatile organic compounds, and Daubert Cromwell says the coating provides a negligible impact on torque coefficient – allowing owners to use their equipment or rent it out without additional treatment processes. The company boasts that the coating is environmentally-safe, and hardens to firmness within 90 minutes of application.

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