Grace Offers Matting Agents for Water-Based Wood Coatings

Specialty silica provider W.R. Grace & Co. offers SYLOID AQ 800 silica and SYLOID AQ 880, matting agents for water-based wood coatings.


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Grace Coatings

W. R. Grace & Co. (Columbia, Md.), a provider of specialty silicas, introduced two matting agents designed for eco-friendly systems in water-based wood coatings: SYLOID AQ 800 silica and SYLOID AQ 880 silica. The company states that these silicas are designed to ensure a low-gloss finish and prevent water spots and stains typical for wood coatings.

SYLOID AQ 800 and SYLOID AQ 880 silicas are designed to offer matting properties with chemical resistance and clarity. The two silicas can be used alone or blended to achieve desired appearance and performance attributes.

Grace reports that the SYLOID AQ silica series is simple to use, with low-dusting properties and easy dispersibility, which leads to shorter cycle times.

As consumer preferences and stricter environmental regulations continue to encourage the coatings industry to move away from solvent-based systems, Grace offers silica technologies that are designed to perform in UV and water-based coatings. In wood furniture, cabinetry and flooring specifically, where clarity and chemical-, scratch-, and burnishing-resistance are critical to the finish, Grace claims that the SYLOID® AQ silica series optimizes aesthetics and performance.

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