H2O GmbH Purecat Reduces Wastewater COD by 97 Percent

H20 GmbH’s Purecat solution reduces chemical oxygen demand in industrial wastewater by up to 97 percent, priming it for reuse or discharge.


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A photo of liquids treated with H20's Purecat solution
Photo Credit: H2O GmbH

H20 GmbH (Steinen, Germany) says its new Purecat solution reduces the chemical oxygen demand (COD) in wastewater by up to 97 percent. It also says this cleaning should help companies meet increasingly strict limits on organic substances such as oils in industrial wastewater.

"We are helping to make even more industries wastewater-free," says Uwe Hanschke, head of application technology at H2O GmbH. "In order to minimize the COD value to such an extent that the treated water can be reused in production or discharged, complex processes were usually necessary in the past. Often, maintenance- and cost-intensive activated carbon filters had to be used for post-treatment. Users of Purecat now save themselves that completely."

Purecat is the latest in H2O’s line of COD-reducing technology, which started in 2006 with the Clearcat condensation stage. While the Clearcat achieved good results for its time, the Purecat reduces another 50 percent of COD, allowing companies to stay below new pollution limits. Purecat’s chemical makeup also provides lower operating costs and higher process reliability than activated carbon.

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