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Hy-Tech Grinders Have High Power-to-Weight Ratios

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Heavy-duty industrial air grinders offer power ranges from .5hp to 4 hp.

Hy-Tech Engineered Solutions’ ATP Cyclone Grinders is a series of heavy-duty industrial air grinders that have high power-to-weight ratios in power ranges from 0.5 hp to 4 hp. According to the company, the grinders are designed to deliver higher productivity in demanding metal finishing environments, such as fabricated metals, ship building and a variety of MRO applications, including refinery, power generation and structural steel.

Hy-Tech ATP cyclone air grinders


Hy-Tech ATP cyclone air grinders


The company says that the grinders’ consistent power output maximizes metal removal efficiencies and operator productivity.  The series comprises 44 standard models featuring powerful governed controlled motors; stainless steel, corrosion-resistant governors; standard and extended length horizontal models, with up to 36” extensions; true 3 hp and 4 hp vertical and horizontal performance; and a comfortable design.


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