Nanoengineered Tribological Coating Protects Against Aggressive Wear

VinTech’s Armor GFC Coating mitigates chemo-mechanical damage from aggressive wear, galling, and adhesive friction in corrosive environments.


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Photo Credit: VinTech Nano Materials LLC

 VinTech Nano Materials LLC (Springdale, Ark.) has announced the launch of Armor GFC Coating, an advanced nanoengineered tribological coating for alleviating chemo-mechanical damage from aggressive wear, galling, and adhesive friction in corrosive environments.

The leading-edge multicomponent GFC coating offers flexible curing options in ambient conditions and as well as accelerated thermal curing. Ambient curing allows for onsite and offsite coating of components of almost any dimensional configuration without the need for disassembly or downtime.

Armored with VinTech’s innovative organofunctionalized nanocarbon technology, the coating offers improved resistance against galling (75-250 KSI), adhesive wear and friction (up to 0.01 coefficient of friction).

Armor GFC coating is specified for pumps, valves, bearings, seals, conveyors, fasteners, and other mechanical components and equipment exposed to tribowear and galling. Based on a hybrid polymer system, the coating develops excellent adhesion to carbon steels, stainless steel, aluminum, and galvanized surfaces for resilient performance against tribocorrosion under extreme pressure conditions and thermal variations.

The coating is resistant to UV deterioration and develops early moisture and chemical resistance for interior and exterior applications in corrosive environments.

Rustom Mody, P.E. CEO, VinTech Nano Materials says:

“Our customers tell us that increased productivity is an operational objective that ranks second only to safety. GUARDx Armor GFC, a nanocarbon reinforced coating developed by VinTech results in significant operational savings by protecting critical components from galling, wear and tribocorrosion. Unlike other tribological coatings, Armor GFC can be applied simply using standard application equipment in-house or in the field and provides customer the flexibility of accelerated curing and as well as air curing for versatile application of the coating with reduced downtime."

Armor GFC coating is available in an easy application kit consisting of surface preparation and coating contents for a surface coverage of up to 100 sq. feet at 1.0 mils of dry film thickness. In addition, the coating is also available in bulk and custom packaging quantities.

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