Three Diaphragm Pumps for Medium Paint Circulating Systems

Sames Kremlin diaphragm pumps feature compact design, quick flushing and resistant materials.


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sames kremlin

Sames Kremlin 04D140 diaphragm pump

SAMES KREMLIN has released three diaphragm pumps:  the 01D140, 01D140E, and 04D140. These pumps are designed for fluid transfer and medium paint circulating systems for a large range of paint applications. The 01D140E is designed with specific EPDM diaphragms for water-based abrasive product applications like porcelain and ceramics.

sames kremlin

Sames Kremlin 01D140/01D140E

These pumps will deliver high performance with long-term reliability, according to the company. Sames Kremlin reports that features include quick flushing suited for fast color changes, resistant materials such as ceramic changeover valve and full stainless steel construction for a reliable and durable pump process and compact design for easy integration.

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