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Tri-Mer Systems Help to Control Pollution

Originally titled 'Control Equipment that Helps Control Air Pollution'
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Tri-Mer provides products that control fumes, particulate, mists and chrome.


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Tri-Mer‘s spectrum of wet control equipment includes a chemical-free fan/separator that scrubs corrosive fumes; a crossflow for inorganic compounds that maintains stack emissions to specific ppm; and odor control systems that simultaneously handle particulate and inorganic compounds. The company also features a C/E-1 chrome scrubber that is said to be efficient for any chrome, regardless of inlet loading and doesn’t consume chemicals or generate waste. Other products include a whirl/wet self-cleaning dust collector that provides low water use. The company also designs anodizing lines, including tanks, ducting, exhaust hoods, material handling, pollution control and user interface.

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