Weiler Abrasives Color-Codes Tools for Easier Identification

Appears in Print as: 'Color-Coding Brushes for Easier Identification'

Weiler Abrasives is color-coding its stainless steel tools to aid identification between its stainless steel and carbon brushes.


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A photo of some of the stainless-steel tools Weiler is updating with color-coding
Photo Credit: Weiler Abrasives

Weiler Abrasives (Cresco, Pa.) has introduced color-coding on its most popular brushes for stainless steel. The company believes this extra form of identification will help stop cross-contamination in operations working with both carbon and stainless steel by making it easy to identify the correct wire brush.  

The color-coding is a visual update to an existing product line —  it will not change the performance, part numbers or pricing of Weiler’s stainless steel offerings. Product lines receiving color coding include the Roughneck Max stringer bead wheel, Wolverine stringer bead wheel, standard twist wheel with nut, standard twist wheel, knot wire cup brush, knot wire end brushes and crimped wire end brushes.

Customers can also purchase type 316 stainless steel brushes and degreased brushes by special order.

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