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Clariant Sanodye Magenta LF for coloring anodized aluminum

Magenta Shade for Anodized Aluminum Is Free of Heavy Metals
Clariant’s Sanodye Magenta LF combines red with a touch blue in a non-bleeding, single-dye formulation that is also heavy-metal free.

Clariant Region President of North America Deepak Parikh

Clariant Executive to Join American Chemistry Council Board
Deepak Parikh joined Clariant’s North American operations as region president and chief executive officer of both Clariant Corp. and Clariant Canada Inc. in July 2017. His term on the ACC board will begin January 1, 2019.

Clariant’s Inhibitor Provides Protection from Corrosion
This product does not contain phosphorus and is entirely based on renewable feedstocks.

No-Phosphate Soak Removes Buffing Compounds
Anodal Cleaner PMP from Reliant Aluminum Products and Clariant Corp. is a heavy-duty, non-silicated, non-phosphate alkaline soak cleaner effective at removing stamping oils and buffing compounds.

Cobalt-Free Sealer Meets Environmental Requirements
With similar sealing properties and seal quality, Anodal CS-3 Powder sealer from Reliant Aluminum Products and Clariant Corp. is designed to be a cobalt-free replacement for Anodal CS-2N Powder. Cobalt is on the unfavorable list of metals under REACH/SVHC.

Liquid Cleaner
Anodal® AI Liquid Cleaner is an emulsifying, non-etching, non-silicated, alkaline formulation said to exhibit exception cleaning performance.

Intricate masking

C.I.L.—Where Tradition Meets Today
Even though the company has only been in business 10 years, it has more than 125 years of experience in the finishing industry...

Aluminum Finishing
Brochure focuses on products for aluminum finishing.

Low-Nickel Seal is Modern Solution
This mid-temperature low-nickel seal helped Modern Aluminum Finishing solve a number of problems...  

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