Powder Coating

Protech Acquires Coating Division from ACG Industrie

The Protech Group has acquired ACG Industrie’s coatings division.

Powder Coating

Frank Lowe's Wow Pads Simplify Shipping

Frank Lowe’s Wow Pads provide a simple, safe and minimalist solution for raw metal and powder coating transportation.

Powder Coating

Gema Adds ServiceNet Technician

Gema Powder Coating adds Michael Roberts as a ServiceNet Technician. He will supervise installations and provide customer service.

Powder Coating

Solvent Kleene Releases Extreme Heat Resistant Powder Coating Remover

Solvent Kleene’s D-Zolve 917 facilitates the removal of extreme temperature resistant and chemical resistant powder coating. 

Powder Coating

Sherwin-Williams' Powdura ECO Hybrid Powder Coatings Made from 25% Recycled Plastic

The coating products contain the equivalent of seven to 10 single-use (16-ounce) recycled plastic water bottles.

Powder Coating

Powder Coating Extruder Allows Remote Set-Up and Support

An MPX50 extruder extruder at a factory in India has been commissioned and started-up remotely by Baker Perkins. The company can provide ongoing support when required, with the ability to remotely evaluate and solve problems and improve performance throughout the machine’s life.  

Powder Coating

Giering Metal Finishing Completes Facility Expansion

The building, constructed in the late 1970s, was in sore need of a renovation for energy efficiency, Giering says.

Powder Coating

IFS Coatings' PureClad Powder Coat for Non-Metal Objects Cures in Minutes

The entire process of coating and curing can be completed typically within 7 to 10 minutes for single-layer finishes.

Powder Coating

Gema Adds, Promotes Sales and Service Employees

The hires and appointments include a ServiceNet technician and three regional salespeople. 

Parts Cleaning

Venjakob/Nutro Customizes Surface Finishing Solutions

FABTECH 2020: Venjakob/Nutro specializes in automated finishing systems, including paint lines, robotic paint finishing, part conveyance and curing.