Clemco Employee Restoring 51-Year-Old Blast Cabinet

Appears in Print as: 'Clemco Employee Plans Blast Cabinet Makeover'

Eric Brukerhoff of Clemco recently received a career center’s old Zero BNP-270 blast cabinet, and plans to refurbish it to its full glory.


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A photo of Eric Brukerhoff standing in front of the to-be-refurbished Zero BNP-270 blast cabinet

Eric Brukerhoff with his “new” Zero BNP-270 blast cabinet.
All photos courtesy of Clemco.

Since 1969, students at a Missouri career center had been blasting with a Zero BNP-270 blast cabinet as part of their coursework, but the school recently purchased two ZERO BNP-220s and no longer needed the 51-year-old cabinet. Clemco (Washington, Mo.) quality assurance inspector Eric Brukerhoff heard the news and inquired about the school’s plan for the cabinet.

“They said if I wanted it, all I had to do was haul it away,” Eric says. “I had made donations to the school of blast cabinet gloves and replacement view windows. I didn’t expect anything in return, but was pleasantly surprised after they offered me the cabinet.”

A phot of the Zero BNP-270 blast cabinet

“It needs a makeover, new gloves, and a new view window,” Eric says, “but then it will be ready to go.”

Eric plans on refurbishing the cabinet with his son, who is a mechanic at a Ford dealership, but who also works on cars in his spare time. “My son will use the cabinet to resurface and clean auto parts,” Eric explains. “The cabinet is in much better shape than it looks and won’t need much work…but did I mention it needs a makeover?”