Cyclic Voltammetric Stripping

Can you give us information on cyclic voltammetric stripping?


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Q. We are looking for information on cyclic voltammetric stripping. In particular, the use of this testing method for decorative nickel and cyanide copper. Can you help us?

A. Cyclic voltammetric stripping (CVS) has been used for a number years in the plating industry. Particularly, it is used for monitoring acid copper plating baths used in the semiconductor industry. There are a number of excellent papers that you can read to give you a good background in the CVS process. A good place to start is a paper that can be found at  short.pfonline.com/NASF13May1, called “Method for Comparison of Leveling in Decorative Acid Copper Plating” by George S. Bokisa. Beyond this, additional papers are available online by searching “cyclic voltammetric stripping–plating.” The equipment is commercially available and a quick search online will bring up at least two companies that have equipment available for use in the CVS testing process. These companies should be able to help you with applications for your specific plating baths.

Originally published in the August 2015 issue.

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