Deburring by Magnetic Spinner

Is there a machine that can deburr intricate knurls, slots and holes in small aluminum and stainless parts?


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Q. We are manufacturing small, machined precision parts from aluminum and stainless. The parts have knurled areas, slots and small drilled holes that are time-consuming to hand-deburr. Is there a machine that can deburr these intricate areas? —K.J.

A. Our first recommendation for deburring small, non-ferrous parts with intricate burrs is the magnetic spinner. This is a newer technology with excellent high-energy process capabilities for non-magnetic parts. The spinner process removes hard-to-reach external burrs and interior burrs from shallow cavities.

The magnetic spinner achieves its energy from a high-speed (reversible) rotating magnetic plate positioned under the tub containing parts and media. The high- speed rotation combined with the changing polarity of the magnets creates a spinning and hopping action of the magnetic stainless steel pin media. The smaller (0.2 × 5 mm to 1.5 × 5 mm) 304 stainless media pins spin and hop by the slower rotating parts, deburring the smaller intricate areas in as little as 10 to 20 minutes.

The spinner is an excellent choice for burr removal of slots, small-drilled holes, threads, crossholes, knurled areas, small gears and internal cavities. It works well on aluminum, brass, copper, stainless, and titanium parts.


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