Echo Engineering Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Company grows from the dreams of founder John Offenbacker to a business with multiple U.S. locations, serving customers worldwide.


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Echo Engineering reached a milestone in 2016, celebrating its 50th anniversary, growing from the dreams of founder John Offenbacker to a business with multiple U.S. locations, serving customers worldwide.


Offenbacker established Echo in 1966 in a garage in California. Prospering in Silicon Valley, Echo was a design and development company providing masking services for tech companies such as Hewlett Packard and Intel. 


Since then, Echo moved its headquarters, changed its name and continued to provide a unique and educational experience for its customers. Now located in Indianapolis, Ind., Echo is led by CEO Kingdon Offenbacker, John Offenbacker’s son.


After becoming a market leader in high-temperature masking, Echo ventured into other technical arenas by customer demand.  Introducing engineered rubber and plastic components in 2004, Echo followed by launching plastic protective enclosures in 2012.  Today, Echo provides masking, hanging, protection, rubber, plastic and custom solutions ranging from small rubber grommets to large plastic enclosures to world-class organizations


“We do believe that we are unique and are continuing to change the standards and the expectations in the market,” said Kingdon Offenbacker, CEO. “I am so glad that our customers have realized that and are eager to partner with us to reach their goals and fulfill their needs.”


Echo has experienced double-digit growth year over year and has a 97 percent customer retention rate. Echo serves multiple industries around the globe, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, heavy machinery, fluid power, metal finishing, powersport and more.


Echo is thankful to reach this 50 year milestone. Even after all the success, Echo is just as focused on delivering a value to its customers that exceeds their expectations.


“We are so appreciative of our customers’ loyalty; our goal is to continue delivering value to help you be successful,” Offenbacker adds. “We want to continuously wake up every day and earn that. There’s nothing better than creating Peace of Mind for your customers. And that’s what we will strive every day to continue to do. We are so thankful for your partnership and trust throughout the years. We can’t wait to see where the next 50 take us!”


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