FrogTape Introduces High-Performance Masking Tapes

FrogTape’s new line includes three high-performance products for marine, industrial, transportation and automotive coating applications. 

Daubert Cromwell's ClearPak 5000 Film Inhibits Corrosion

Daubert Cromwell’s ClearPak 5000 is a bio-based poly that meets international standards as a quality corrosion inhibitor (VCI) film.

Liquid Coating

New MINI Hardtops Feature Multicolor Roofs

Wet-on-wet painting process means each roof is unique.

Daubert Cromwell VCI Bearing Wrap Sports Embossed Texture

Daubert Cromwell’s embossed VCI poly film grips and stays in place around bearings and round shapes while protecting against corrosion and rust.


A Conversation With Will Wallace of SAT Plating

SAT Plating general manager Will Wallace talks to Products Finishing about his company’s surface activation technology, plating on composites, and what the changing manufacturing landscape might mean for platers.

Liquid Coating

Applications Innovation Leads to Better Masking Solutions

When masking product failures are costing you money, it pays to work with an expert that can select or engineer the most efficient solution.

Liquid Coating

Special Coatings Support Mars Rover

The Mars 2020 Perseverence rover will rely on highly engineered surface treatments to protect it from the extreme temperatures of space and the harsh environment of Mars.


Giering Metal Finishing Completes Facility Expansion

The building, constructed in the late 1970s, was in sore need of a renovation for energy efficiency, Giering says.

CFS' Masking Plugs Are Color-Coded for Accuracy of Selection

The plugs are especially suited to e-coating and other immersion processes.

Liquid Coating

Painting the Mars 2020 Rover

The Mars 2020 rover Perseverance is on its way to the red planet. What kind of surface finish will protect the rover as it does its job? This video from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows how NASA technicians paint the rover for withstanding the harsh environment of Mars.

Mechanical Finishing

EPSI Acquires An-Kor Rack Company

Masking supplier EPSI has acquired An-Kor Rack Company. The expanded business will provide racks, hooks, masking and custom solutions.

MOCAP Offers Polyethylene Tubing Plugs

MOCAP offers heavy wall polyethylene tubing plugs that are designed to fit different tube gauges, available in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Powder Coating

A Conversation with George Giering of Giering Metal Finishing Inc.

George Giering is third-generation president of Giering Metal Finishing Inc., a leader in liquid coating, ecoating and powder coating.

Powder Coating

Patent-pending masking plug features one-way vent

Custom Fabricating & Supplies unveils a new two-piece, vented masking plug designed to allow air to escape while simultaneously preventing leaks.

Liquid Coating

Liquid Coating System Leads to Fast Growth for Florida Industrial Finishing Company

Advanced conveyor system and hybrid liquid/powder line fits into small footprint to deliver big impact


Chromic Acid Anodizing Masking Tape Replaces Liquid Masking

Custom Fabricating & Supplies has announced it is a Preferred Converter of 3M’s 8985L Anodization Masking Tape, which is specifically designed to withstand the harsh chemicals used during chromic acid anodizing (CAA).

EPSI Appoints HR Manager

EPSI names Alexandra Tillmann human resources manager.

EPSI Names Sales Rep for Kansas, Nebraska

EPSI has appointed Michael Manning as outside sales representative for Kansas and Nebraska.

Mechanical Finishing

Frank Lowe Provides Product Protection

Wow pads prevent scratches, dents and other defects during transit and storage. 

Echo Masking Components Accelerate Finishing

Custom masking components can also decrease or even eliminate the need for costly rework.

Powder Coating

AZZ Metal Coatings Offers Variety of Pretreatment Processes

AZZ provides hot-dip galvanizing, powder coating, metalizing and steel surface treatment.

EPSI Names West Coast Sales Rep

Michael Vellone will serve as outside sales representative for the West Coast region.

EPSI's Port Protection Line Offers Flexibility

Vinyl caps can be used as either cap or plug.

CFS Focuses on Masking, Gasket Needs

Custom Fabricating & Supplies offers performance component die cuts, gaskets, silicone caps and plugs, custom rubber-molded parts and tape masking products for the finishing industry. 

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