Hard Chrome Plating


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Q. Our company plates hard chrome on hydraulic rods as well as other parts. For many of these parts we apply a flash chrome plate prior to plating with hard chrome. Is there any rule of thumb as to whether we should be using a current density of 2-4 ASI? P.C.

A. No, I do not have a rule of thumb for this particular plating step. If you talk with individuals who are in the hard-chrome-plating business as well as read the printed literature, you soon find out that there are multiple opinions as to whether a flash is required in most situations. When you talk about flash plate, I assume you are thinking in terms of a ramping of the current density for a short period of time until you reach the required current density for doing the chrome plating. Since I don’t have a good answer for you, I’ll ask our readers if they have any thoughts on this. If you do please respond to me through Products Finishing magazine.