Kongskilde Expands With New Powder Coat System

New system was installed by Wagner Industrial Solutions, and includes a 900-foot automated conveyor system that can paint about 160,000 pounds of steel each day.
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Kongskilde in Hudson, Illinois held a ribbon cutting Sept. 1 for its expansion and installation of a new art blast and powder coat and paint system.


The company makes industrial and agricultural equipment, including soil, grass and feeders, as well as grain and straw machines.


The powder coat and paint system was installed by Wagner Industrial Solutions, and includes a 900-foot automated conveyor system. The new system can paint about 160,000 pounds of steel each day, the company said.


The company makes equipment for soil cultivation and plant care such as cultivators, fertilizer applicators, forage harvesters, rakes, cleaners, tedders and mowers. It also manufactures recycling and conveying equipment for the print, plastics and packaging industries.


Kongskilde opened its U.S. plant in 2003 at in Bloomington, Illinois. In 2010, it moved to Hudson after acquiring Progressive Farm Products.


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