Lustrous Metal Coatings Opens New Decorative Line


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Lustrous Metal Coatings christened a newly completed decorative line at its Canton, Ohio, facility.

plating line

Lustrous Metal Coatings new decorative line.

Lustrous was assisted by Columbia Chemical, which installed the line featuring its Tricol Décor, a white trivalent chromium plating process that has speed and excellent metal distribution while also being burn free and reduces waste. Columbia’s Colsid AP acid zinc process is also utilized, as well as some of its cleaners, including Pickle Pal Additive, Spectramate and TRI-V passivates.

“It’s primarily a decorative finishing line, so they’ve got the ability to set the line up to do various types of different metals,” says Brett Larick, president of Columbia Chemical. “It also gives them the flexibility to do about any type of part that comes in too, whether it’s an aluminum-based metal or brass or steel and various different types of part configuration.”

Lustrous offers full-service metal finishing of chloride zinc offered in automatic, manual and barrel processing. Visit lustrousmetal.com and columbiachemical.com.



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