Parylene as a Coating method


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Q. I have a suggestion for another answer to the question appearing in the January 2011 issue of Painting Clinic regarding problems with creating a clear coating on brass. I realize that it is absolutely NOT a painting process, but Parylene, which is applied by a vacuum deposition process in thin films, is virtually transparent. My experience with it is in the automotive and implantable medical electronics fields.

You might suggest MJ check out scscoatings.com/index.aspx for further info on the Parylene process and have a few samples run. (By the way, I am not associated with the company involved with Parylene in any way.) S.C.


A. Thank you for reading Painting Clinic and for sending your comments. I beg to differ with your assessment of the process. I believe any process that applies an organic material as a coating film is painting. On the other hand, you are absolutely correct about using Parylene on brass parts; it is done commercially. Having M.J. send parts to be coated with Parylene could certainly solve his problem. Unfortunately, he probably could not afford the added expense, since he is “small potatoes” in comparison to firms in the industries (automotive, medical, defense and space) that use Parylene.

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