Process Technology Garden Designated as Monarch Waystation Habitat



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Designing the surrounding landscape was an important factor during the construction of the new Process Technology corporate headquarters and product development facility in Willoughby, Ohio.

Understanding the positive effects of bringing nature into corporate campus design, Sid Srivastava, the head of strategy for Process Technology, emphasized nectar-rich plants, grasses and trees that would mature into a tranquil suburban nature retreat for employees when creating the Process Technology company gardens.

“We wanted a place where people would want to work, that allows people to feel at home and connect with nature,” says Srivastava. “We selected plants that are evergreen as well as many floral varieties known to attract birds and butterflies.”

Now butterflies, birds and plants flourish on the Process Technology grounds. So much so that accounting supervisor Jennifer Baker submitted the area she frequents for lunch as an official Monarch Waystation with Monarch Watch.

“Every species has a specific purpose of helping maintain our ecosystem,” Baker says. “The biodiversity that monarch waystations create is not only beautiful but is essential to monarch conservation and migration. I love working for a company that understands the importance of caring for the environment.”

Baker’s enthusiasm and action in support of the habitat proved fruitful. On Sept. 3, Monarch Watch designated the aptly named “Process Technology Butterfly Oasis” as Monarch Waystation number 26332. Monarch Waystation gardens are required to be at least 100 square feet, contain milkweed and nectar plants, provide adequate shelter, and follow specific habitat management guidelines. The garden can be found on the Monarch Watch website.