Products Finishing Videos

Watch these videos to learn more about Products Finishing stories and manufacturer's products.


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A Conversation With Axalta's Craig Dietz


Axalta 20-Group at Freedom Finishing


California Platers Visit State Capital



PCI Custom Coater Forum


Fifth Generation Reduced Ion EN Systems


Through R&D efforts over the last decade, EN technology suppliers have demonstrated many advances toward replacing lead and cadmium as stabilizing and brightening systems in 50-year-old nickel phosphorus alloy technology. Read the story HERE


Able Engineering


Able Engineering is a $50 million company with 300 employees that recently moved into a new facility in Mesa, AZ funded by the city and located at the end of the runway at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The new location –featuring all new plating lines, machining areas and fabrication stations – is idea for helicopters and airplanes to roll right up to the 23,000 square feet on-site hanger so that parts can be removed and remanufactured quickly and efficiently. Read the story HERE


Oshkosh Finishing Systems


The company launched its finishing services to provide manufacturing, corrosion protection and top coat services for heavy duty industrial, specialty vehicle and commercial products companies. Read the story HERE