Protech Metal Finishing Completes Expansion of New Facility

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Additions brings about 32,000 square feet of production space and an increased number of production lines.

Protech Metal Finishing, a Nadcap-certified plating and anodizing company with 39 years of experience, has completed expansion of their new facility.

The building was completed on July 1, but equipment upgrades continued through early 2019, increasing capacity and insuring quick turnaround times on their projects.

“We now have about 32,000 square feet of production space and an increased number of production lines,” says Shawn Dubey, Protech business development manager. “Last year, we were named one of the Top Shops of 2018 by Products Finishing, and we're hoping our new facility will land us placement on that list again. Only two shops were chosen in Tennessee, so we're in a pretty exclusive club.”

The company also just hit its 12th year achieving the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap) certification. Protech says it's the only metal finishing shop in the state with this accreditation.

The new facility has also allowed Protech to have increasingly fast turn times, which Dubey says is the most important value for the company's customers.

Visit http://www.protechfinishing.com/.

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