A Conversation with…Peter Dority, Coral Chemical

Dority is a fun-loving South Carolinian who spends his time rooting for Clemson University.


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Peter Dority is vice president of sales and marketing for Coral Chemical Co., and one of the best golfers in all of finishing—at least when it comes to effort. Dority is a fun-loving South Carolinian who spends his time rooting for Clemson University and hanging out with Lynn, his wife of 30 years, and their four kids.



Peter Dority, Coral Chemical


PF: How did you get your start in the finishing industry?

PD: In 1986 with a small company in Greenville called EZE Products. They had an opportunity for an entry-level person to sell to the metal finishing industry. After three years, I was hired by Parker Amchem and spent nine years in sales and district management roles, as well as a technology specialist role. I have spent the last 18 years at Coral Chemical in regional sales management and corporate management.


PF: What excites you about being in the industry?

PD: For the 30 years that I have been in this industry, it excites me that the pretreatment component of the business is a critical key to the entire performance of the painted part.


PF: What’s the best piece of advice you were given, either personally or professionally, and who gave it to you?

PD: On my father’s 80th birthday last month, I shared a letter with him written by him to me when I was in my early 20s. I have kept it in my top drawer since that time. It basically stated that nothing would come without hard work, and your moral character is the key to success.


PF: Which charity would you give $100,000?

PD: The James F. Byrnes Foundation’s “United by Loss, Bound by Love,” which gives college scholarships to high academic achieving high school students in South Carolina who have lost one or both parents. My wife was a recipient of this scholarship, as well as one of her sisters. We give back and would love to give more.


PF: What was your first car, and what is your dream car?

PD: A 1976 Buick Regal with T-tops and an 8-track player. I was fortunate to have owned my dream car for the last nine years: a 1991 Acura NSX. I just sold it, and I'm dreaming again.


PF: At 10, what did you want to be when you grew up?

PD: A salesman.


PF: Night owl or early bird?

PD:  Early bird; I find myself going to sleep earlier every year, but still capable of burning the night oil once in a while.


PF: You can trade jobs for a day, what would it be?

PD: The greeter at Costco.


PF: Where would we find you on a typical Saturday?

PD: In the fall it revolves around Clemson football. The rest of the year I'm either on the golf course or just relaxing at home.


PF: Three greatest passions?

PD: My family, my career and my church.


PF: Most unique office décor?

PD: My most unique office décor is a sign on the door that says, “The crab is in”. Unfortunately, it was given to me by my family, not my coworkers.


PF: Biggest management myth?

PD: I do not think that sales can be trained. Training may improve some results, and I believe that is where training is focused and measured, but I believe people are born to sell and have this ability from a very early age.


PF: What advice would you give to yourself 10 years ago?

PD: Get more sleep and exercise more. 


About Peter Dority

Family: Married to Lynn for 30 years. Four children: Rachel, 25, and husband live in Wisconsin; William, 22, is graduating from Clemson and going to work for Amazon in June; James, 21, is a junior at Clemson in chemical engineering; and Benjamin, 14, is the student body president at his middle school.

Favorite hobby: Hunting and fishing

Favorite movie: Christmas Vacation

Favorite book:  Outliers: The Story of Success, by Malcolm Gladwell

What’s playing in your car CD/radio: Andrew Crocker Band with son Will Dority on drums and keyboard


Originally published in the February 2016 issue.