VaporTech Customizes CVD and PVD Coating Colors

PVD and DLC coating machines are simple to integrate into manufacturing processes. 


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VaporTech’s line of PVD and DLC coating machines are simple to integrate into a manufacturing process, according to the company. It is said the VT-i series systems are easy to install, easy to use and affordable for small to large operations. VaporTech creates and builds custom coating recipes delivered with each machine. The company says its machines enable in-house PVD coating, which means no more packaging and repackaging parts, no production delays, better quality assurance and coating for only pennies per part.


  • Vacuum Deposition and Coating Options

    This overview takes a look at vacuum deposition technologies as processes that may be used to create coatings that can be substituted for or enhances the properties of electroplated coatings. Initially, this work discusses trends in metal finishing and environmental regulation.

  • Cleaning Prior to PVD/CVD Coating

    Determining the cleanliness and chemical de-coating of PVD/CVD layers.

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    When Hansgrohe installed a plastics plating line, it tried to work with the newest and most advanced chemistry on the market; however, it found it couldn't simply take something off-the-shelf and start running. It had to be tailored to its specific products and objectives...