Viking Releases 600R Shot Blaster

Viking Blast and Wash Systems releases 900-pound belt load capacity shot blaster in its industrial line of tumble blasters, the 600R.


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blasting, mass finishing
Photo Credit: Viking Corp.

Viking Blast and Wash Systems (Rose Hill, Kan.) has announced the release of its newest shot blaster in its industrial line of tumble blasters, the 600R.

The tumble blaster is approx. 6 cubic foot capacity with 900 pound belt load capacity. It has 27" diameter barrelheads and 37" across blast chamber. The cabinet is fully lined with replaceable wear-resistant liners. A vertical pneumatically controlled door with a safety interlock provides easy access and a quick turn-around for batch changes. A 1.5 HP motor drives a bucket elevator abrasive lifting system with an air-wash separator to clean all the abrasive prior to blasting. The separator is a full lip-type separator with sliding spreader plate to ensure even distribution of the abrasive across the air stream. Separator vent has a slide gate to control static pressure within the separator and also includes a contaminant refuse trap. The entire abrasive stream is cleaned, extending the life of the blast wheel significantly.

Airless blast cleaning is accomplished with one newly designed VMax, 15 horsepower, 15 inch diameter, 8 blade, center-fed blast wheel.

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