Cleaning of Surfaces



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Q. I need good information on the cleaning of surfaces. Can you recommend some information sources? D. A.


A. There are two books that are currently in print that I recommend: Practical Guide to Industrial Metal Cleaning, David S. Peterson, Hanser Gardner Publications, and Handbook for Critical Cleaning, edited by Barbara Kanegsberg and Edward Kanegsberg, CRC Press, ISBN 0-8493-1655-3. Both of these books are available at www.amazon.com.

A new book should be available in July 2006: Management of Industrial Cleaning Technology and Processes, John B. Durkee II, Elsevier, ISBN 0-0804-48887. This book should also be available at Amazon.

You can also find information by searching the database at www.pfonline.com under the term cleaning. A Google search will also generate lots of useful information. 

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