Happy National Manufacturing Day

Friday October 2 is designated as a day to recognize and celebrate manufacturing industries in the U.S. Products Finishing editor Scott Francis takes moment to reflect on the hard work and resilience of coaters and finishers.


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On behalf of Products Finishing, I’d like to wish our readers a Happy National Manufacturing Day. In 2014, the first Friday in October was designated as a day to recognize and celebrate manufacturing industries in the U.S.

Products Finishing is proud to be part of the Gardner Business Media family of publications and products that work to spread the good news in manufacturing. From keeping you informed of trends and innovations to helping facilitate opportunities to network and connect, our job is to help you do yours.  

2020 has been a difficult year for the whole of manufacturing (well, the whole of pretty much everything, really). As we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and the rest of this year together and work to recover, let’s take a moment to celebrate the shops and talented workers who proudly stand behind America’s manufactured goods and services.

Looking back at some of the stories PF has reported on over the past few months, I’m thankful to be involved in the finishing and coating industry. Seeing some of the hard work and resilience of finishers is inspiring. Here are just a few of the stories that have resonated with me as examples of our industry’s work ethic and indomitable spirit:

As we wrap up 2020, I’m sure everyone is ready to look ahead — but let’s take a moment to appreciate the good manufacturers have done in response to and in the face of adversity.

 How is your shop celebrating National Manufacturing Day? You can use #NationalManufacturingDay or #MFG20 to share your story on social media.


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