Spray Booth Compliance



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Q. What does it mean to have a paint booth third-party listed? Is this something I need to take into consideration when I am in the buying process?—H.J.

A. The timing of this question is ironic, as we are dealing with this very issue where I am technical director. In my investigation of this very matter I have found out that it is more to do with your state and local agencies than anything else. Most reputable spray booth manufacturers produce products that are either UL-, MET- or ETL-tested and certified, and comply with NFPA-33 codes. As a general rule, the larger the city your operation is located in, the more mandatory requirements. 

You will want to check with your state and local agencies in accordance with OSHA 1910.107, which states that paint booths should be listed by a nationally recognized listing agency. Many of the booth manufacturers affix this information to the booth prior to installation. And one more note: It is highly recommended that you properly ground your booth to arrest any type of static electricity.