Birmingham's Max Coatings Adds Second Plant in Atlanta

New 95,000 square-foot facility adds to the 55,000 square-foot location on Industrial Parkway in Birmingham.
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Max Coating of Birmingham, Alabama has opened a second plant in Atlanta after acquiring a 95,000 square-foot facility on Selig Drive.


President and CEO Chuck Gault says the new facility adds to the 55,000 square-foot location on Industrial Parkway in Birmingham.


Gault says the Atlanta facility will employ about 25 people initially, with hopes of expanding as the business grows. He hopes to get employment to 50 people by the end of the year.


Max Coating is a supplier to the auto industry, and offers electrocoating and powder coating services.

Founded in 2003 by Gault, the Birmingham plant employs about 50 people.


“Our goal is to revolutionize the metal finishing industry with new techniques and outstanding customer service,” says Gault.



For more information, visit Max Coatings at Maxcoatings.com


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