Change In Chemicals Saves Saporito Finishing Almost $40,000

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EPi's new electrocleaning technology, E-Kleen SR 1020 results in better cleaning on heat-treat scale parts


Jeff Logan, Dan Bell, EPi's Eric Olander, Jeff Rice and Jose Cuevas of Saporito Finishing.


It's been almost 12 months since Jeff Logan, VP of Operations at Saporito Finishing in Cicero, IL, replaced his liquid caustic gluconated electrocleaner with his own 50 percent by weight liquid sodium hydroxide and EPi's new electrocleaning technology, E-Kleen SR 1020.


The results have been better cleaning on heat-treat scale parts, Logan says. The E-Kleen SR 1020 produces silver/grey parts prior to zinc plating, while the previous gluconated electrocleaner parts were grey/black.  He says end result is brighter parts and finishing difficult to clean parts once, not twice.


The best part is the money E-Kleen SR 1020 saved Saporito Finishing, almost $40,000, according to Logan.


Eric Olander, president of EPi, presented the savings to the Saporito team.  Logan added it saves Saporito 50 percent in chemical costs.


Olander says E-Kleen SR 1020 does not contains gluconates, thereby saving costs in waste treatment as customers do not have to use calcium salts in waste treatment any more, which means less waste treatment sludge.


For more info on E-Kleen SR 1020, please click HERE.