Episode 3: Tractors in the Sky

In this episode of PF’s On the Line podcast, we hear about an electrocoating facility installed by Air Tractor, a manufacturer of cropdusters and firefighting airplanes.


Valence Everett Obtains Range Rare Lockheed Martin Approvals

Valence Everett has received approval for several Lockheed Martin Aeronautics processes, including a rare approval for Thin Film Sulfuric Anodize.


Valence Seattle Adds Capability for Black Dye Anodizing

Valence Seattle has added capability for Type II and Type III Anodizing with Class 2 black dye, further expanding its offerings after launching Type III Anodizing operations in September 2020.

Liquid Coating

Aerospace Industry to Launch Qualification Program for Coatings Applicators

PRI Qualification is launching an Aerospace Coatings Applicator Specialist (ACAS) program in 2021 aimed at allowing professional aerospace coatings applicators to earn industry-approved qualifications. 

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Can Film Pattern Measurement Optimize Aerospace Finishes?

A recent collaboration between CFAN, SprayVision and Saint Clair Systems uses an innovative film measurement system to investigate ways to improve first time yield.

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Mankiewicz's Aviation Division Under New Leadership

Mankiewicz welcomes René Lang as the new head of its aviation business. Lang succeeds Andreas Ossenkopf, who is still available for certain projects as he seeks out new challenges.

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Considerations for Selecting an Aircraft Paint Booth

Global Finishing Solutions offers insights into selecting a paint booth designed for aircraft.


Coating the Webb

From its signature primary mirror to thermal control for its instruments, the James Webb Space Telescope is enabled by gold coatings.

A Focus on Aerospace

Products Finishing looks into how coaters and finishers enable the aerospace industry, what trends and technology are emerging and more in February 2021.

Kontek Automation Enables Water Treatment for Aerospace Surface Finishing Line

New aerospace surface finishing facility includes a highly customized Kontek system to handle process water purification, wastewater and recovery requirements.


A Conversation With Will Wallace of SAT Plating

SAT Plating general manager Will Wallace talks to Products Finishing about his company’s surface activation technology, plating on composites, and what the changing manufacturing landscape might mean for platers.


Valence Surface Technologies Discusses Defense, Space Approvals

During the downturn of the commercial aerospace sector due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Valence has used the time to seek new approvals and put some additional focus on the defense and space markets.

Powder Coating

Andrews Powder Coating Earns Space Flight Qualification

The first-tier aerospace powder coating supplier recently had its MIL-SPEC powder coatings qualified for coating power supplies for a classified military satellite program.

October Issue: Focus on Aerospace

Products Finishing’s September issue covers powder coating space flight qualification, a look at an aerospace MRO’s new modular cadmium electroplating line, one company’s thoughts on pivoting with aerospace work during COVID, and more.

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Geeking Out About Space Flight

As Products Finishing releases its October aerospace-themed issue, editor-in-chief Scott Francis takes the opportunity to reflect on the finishing industry’s role in aerospace and space markets.


Valence Los Angeles Operations Awarded New Honeywell Approvals

Valence Los Angeles has achieved approval from Honeywell Aerospace for over 180 new specifications, covering a wide range of key finishing processes.


Wolkerstorfer Passivates Giant World Series Trophy

Wolkerstorfer Co. Inc. lends its large passivation tanks, normally used for aerospace and DOD work, to a whole different ballgame. 


Valence Surface Technologies Gets Safran Landing Systems Approvals

The approvals cover a range of aerospace finishing processes that Valence Wichita, formerly Chrome Plus International, will now complete. 


Hard Chrome Enterprises Inc. Acquired

The plating company has served the aerospace, automotive, medical and consumer sectors since 1969. 


Polamer Precision Incorporates Selective Plating Into Production Line

Global aerospace manufacturing company Polamer Precision, has worked with SIFCO ASC to bring a selective plating process in-house for improved output, lead time and quality control.


Valence Surface Technologies Obtains Defense Approvals

Valence Everett, a large-parts processor with shot peen, chemical processing and painting capability, obtained three approvals from Boeing Defense.


CFS Expands Electropolishing Services to Additional Markets

After providing electropolishing services to the industrial manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, Custom Fab Solutions has announced it is expanding its offerings to additional markets including food and beverage, medical devices and aerospace.

Clemco Delivers Modified Abrasive Blasting Cabinet to MB Aerospace

Clemco supplied MB Aerospace with a modified abrasive blasting cabinet that allows for faster, onsite parts cleaning.


Uyemura Expands Sales, Distribution In Pacific Region

Ronatec, a supplier of of metal finishing chemicals and equipment to the automotive, aerospace, hardware, and porcelain enameling sectors, has joined the Uyemura distribution network.  

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