Clemco Opens New Sample Processing and R&D Lab

Clemco’s new sample processing and R&D lab is equipped to tackle cutting-edge issues in abrasive blasting, from its new machines to its experienced lab manager Lucas Cahill.

Dynatrol Density Systems Measure and Resist Acids

Dynatrol’s Density Cell and Digital Converter provide a solution for measuring the density and concentration of acids and caustics in liquid and slurry form.

Bowman Expands Quality Assurance Team

Bowman has hired Frank Giuliani as its new quality assurance engineer. He will specialize in test plans for Bowman’s benchtop XRF instrumentation suite.

Seica Inc. to Demonstrate Automation Technology During SMTA

Seica Inc. will demonstrate a handful of its advanced automation manufacturing products during SMTA International’s Live Virtual Expo from September 28-30.

Color and 3D Topography Analyzer Evaluates Surface Structure

BYK-Gardner's spectro2profiler allows surface finishers to measure color, gloss and surface structure, analyze surface data and set pass/fail criteria.

Data Collection Trends in Metal Finishing

The finishing industry is moving towards the automation of process and production data collection. Roger Smith outlines new technology to help finishers automate and streamline.

Alltec/FOBA Appoints New Managing Director

FOBA Laser Marking and Engraving, global producer of laser marking systems, promoted Sebastian Blösch to managing director. Previously, Blösch served as finance director and deputy managing director.

UPA Technology's XRF2020 X-ray Reduces Tube Use

Unit only energizes the X-Ray tube during measurements to increase tube life.

Bowman's L-Series XRF Produces Three Times Conventional Photon Counts

The close proximity of its X-ray tube to its PIN detector produces more than three times the photon counts of conventional XRFs, the company says.

Lab Wizard Chemical Analysis Software Reduces Expenses

Binary Process Solutions says the software cuts expenses by reducing scrap and time spent managing chemistry, and improving quality.


ACT Process Verification Kit Audits Paint and Finishing Lines

Kit provides a test report, confirming corrosion resistance and coating performance, enabling users to determine product quality.

JPS Technologies Gives More Control of Nickel Plating Process

The Jiggle Cell can troubleshoot and compare the plating performance of various processes and provide information needed to evaluate plating performance at various current densities.


Assured Testing Services Provides Corrosion Exposure Testing

Company provides data across any phase of a product life cycle for a variety of industries.

GF Piping Systems' Offer Magnetic Flow Meter Accuracy

GF Piping Systems says its thermoplastic construction resists corrosion, enabling a long, maintenance-free life.

Liquid Coating

Viu Insight Air Tracker Measures, Improves Air Flow

System is designed to measure airspeed in a continuous manner throughout the entire length of the spray booth.

DeFelsko PosiTest Offers Fast Measurements

DFT coating thickness gauge uses noncontact ultrasound technology to predict a cured thickness to help ensure adequate coverage and reduce waste. 

Viu Insight’s AirStat II Measures Downdraft/Cross-Draft Airspeed

Unit offers responsive measurement capabilities for paint spray booth process optimization.

Taber Abraser has Two Turntable Options

An LCD operator touch screen enhances user experience with an easy-to-use interface.

David Beamish, President of DeFelsko, Passes

Beamish led company through significant growth, and served as a leader in the inspection equipment industry.

Powder Coating

Portable Matching System Offers Faster Response Times

Vitra-Vision color matching system interfaces with Vitracoat’s color database.


Fischer Tools Reduce Measuring Time

Nanodentation and progressive load scratch testers measure mechanical properties of coatings.

DeFelsko Device Predicts Cured Thickness

Powder checker uses non-contact ultrasound technology to predict a cured thickness to help ensure adequate coverage and reduce waste. 

Powder Coating

Finishing Solutions at FABTECH 2019

CCAI Finishing Pavilion and Education Program advance finishing operations.

Digital Metrology Solutions Offers Multiband Surface Texture Analysis

Software reports wavelength-specific surface parameters, with user-defined tolerance bands to highlight out-of-spec conditions.