Coventya Tristar 300 Eases Hexavalent Chromium Replacement

Appears in Print as: 'Trivalent Chromium System Improves Production'

Coventya’s Tristar 300 reportedly improves production efficiency while cutting hexavalent chromium from the industrial process.


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Source | Coventya

Coventya’s (Brooklyn Heights, Ohio) Italian team, in colloboration with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, developed the recently-approved Tristar 300 trivalent chromium system. Coventya states that Tristar 300 improves production efficiency and throughput while reducing scrap, rejects and wastewater treatment costs. The company also says Tristar 300 results in vibrant color with uniform thickness.

Combined with Coventya’s chrome-free etching Silken Bond plastic plating technology, Tristar 300 provides a solution for manufacturers seeking to eliminate hexavalent chromium from their operations.

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